Dolls of Hope

“How is that local?”

My goal is to highlight humans doing a little good for there local community in an effort to show people there are so many out there doing goodness! I believe that if others knew about those doing amazing things in their local community, they would want to help.  When I explained Dolls of Hope, “How is that local?” was a totally valid question from my husband. I’m not seeing refugee camps on my local corners.

The response I had from a Dolls of Hope volunteer was the answer-

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Doll Maker Carrie gave me goose bumps as I read her thoughts. That’s what everyone is looking for, the option to contribute in their own way. What makes them local is how Dolls for Hope is a group anyone can join! For free, you can go on their  FB/Dolls of Hope page, print the pattern- take fabric you have, time you want to give and a little looping then YOU TOO can make something a refugee child will get to snuggle & play with. A refugee child, leaving a traumatic life, in hope of something better- or one not knowing why their going through all this, imagine the weight that child feels for survival. I’ve known refugees, their sense of self-reliance developed so early… Just to have a handful of soft, brightly colored childhood to hang onto has got to be a comfort. The gift of something that is theirs, it’s gotta be a comfort… I just love the inclusion this group brings!

I think one of my favorite things about following Dolls of Hope is seeing people just leave the bears on the doorstep of the founder. The other day some one left a bear donation on her neighbors porch and the neighbor brought it on over. How fun having these dolls appear all the time.


When you start following Dolls of Hope you feel the comfort of this group. Each group I run into has a different aura, a different feel- I think that’s because each group requires a different energy. Cozy is all I feel with this group. Cozy passion I should say because they are at work, it’s not just making dolls, it’s knowing about refugee issues around the world and raising awareness to this displacement. There are a lot of casualties of war, not all of them want a part of it and so many of the casualties are these children’s childhood.

What you will also find with this group is a dedication to sharing everything about the group you support. Below you can see the current plan and see how hard Dolls of Hope works… Goodness, just amazing right?


So join them if you like sewing. Gather some other sewing friends, a good snack, maybe some wine and make a party of it. Just a couple of hours on this simple pattern and I know you and your friends can bust out some super cute dolls for little kids, needing a little hope that there is good out there waiting for them.

Here’s the link to Dolls of Hope- patterns so you can start your own Dolls of Hope projects now!