Million Kids

Opal Singleton and the group at Million Kids is a network with a big impact. They are the foundation for implementation of anti-human trafficking training in Riverside County. One of the first groups referred to me when I started talking about the idea to highlight humans doing a little good, they were thought of as unsung heros in this constant battle.


Educating others so there are more good guys helping then there are bad guys exploiting is exactly what this group does. On their event calendar you will find education of all kinds. From training on how predators think, weekly radio discussions on how technology contributes to these crimes and live testimonials from those held captive, taking entire taskforce meetings through the truly sickening mindset of those that will exploit and enslave others. Million Kids has built the network, knowledge and distribution channel to locally combat the fasting growing crime in America.

Various types of human trafficking is happening all over and because it is a deeply private crime it takes knowing the local groups to create the counter network. Most of the time, this is not a crime that does not go unassisted and occurs repeatedly. While California has three of the FBI top 13 counties for sex trafficking there are so many hotspots. Who covers your hotspot?

California has 3 out of 13 counties in the USLos AngelesSan DiegoSan Francisco

Did you know that the internet has crated an exploitation monster? That’s why we’re seeing this epidemic rise again. Daily I’m updated on  new cases and weekly Million Kids radio broadcast, Exploited, lets me know of new ways we need to be aware for our young ones. Those looking to exploit, prey upon those they feel are vulnerable. The Exploited radio broadcast educates new ways these perpetrators are using technology against us.

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Aside from education, Million Kids works with law enforcement and other transitional groups to create a network of anti-trafficking and transitional program. As part of  the Riverside County Anti Human-Trafficking Task Force, along with Operation Safe House, my local area is fortunate to have a program in place to educate the public on being aware of the growing problem, working with law enforcement to find and prosecute criminals while aiding and supporting the victims of their crimes.