I walked everywhere when I was a kid. What I wanted to do- was skateboard.

See, like PF Flyers, rather then walking the 3 miles to school- if I could skateboard, I could go further, faster, jump higher, with greater ease! Or so I thought. The sound of wheels to pavement, the idea of flying across curbs or jumping steps- the whole sense of freedom, wind in your hair, learn new tricks- it’s all very exiting to me.

My brother could skateboard. He went all over “no where”. I wanted to go “where ever”. So, we tried to get me to skate.

Quickly I found out, much like roller skates, bikes & looking back at surfing, thank you to the water that saved me-I don’t have the equilibrium, I just don’t… When I was in HS basketball they taught us how to fall with-out breaking our butts, cause I’m a dork I thought, “Why didn’t I know there was a right way to fall along time ago?!” If I had the concept of controlled falls and getting up over and over again, maybe I would have been a Skatekids.

What I know about skateboarding is falling, over and over. What I would never learn was the perseverance and feeling of success.


See, aside from wanting to skate, I was also a user of afterschool programs- a lot of the time was playing with the other kids until the parents came. IMAGINE if there had been a Skatekids! I would have been doing ollies, riding rails, wind in my hair going further, faster, jumping higher with greater ease!!! Uhh, I guess I still want to skate.

Intentional activities for afterschool programs that inspire kids to get better at a difficult task, taught by a pro. Don’t you love that thought? I love the idea of challenging our young ones to do big task. I love that their trainer, professional skater Kurits Colamonico, is able to be an example of someone taking what they love to do, achieving high goals in it, then turning it into a way to combine his two favorite things, skating & kids. What a positive, independent, forward, fun, concept.

SkateKids is a mobile skate park teaching kids success! Success at something that brings them physical ups & downs, hard falls and smacks of reality . Providing helmets & boards if needed, kids first learn safety first. They learn the parts of their tool and how to care for it then the foundation to fall and get back up again.

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Getting kids into wanting to pay their dues and get up and try again while giving them the freedom to succeed in the future?! Sounds like a plan to me. All of this was built by a pro who wanted to put his two favorite things together.


I didn’t know Kurtis Colamonico prior to finding SkateKids; I reached out to him, letting him know I liked his concept, what I was trying to do and he was immediately thankful and inclusive.  As I follow SkateKids, I see Kurtis constantly giving back and hustling to make his kids goals happen. Then you see & hear the kids! It’s always a kids honesty that can tell you what’s-up. Seeing why they support the group; knowing they’re trying to be a pro through hard work, submitting videos of getting better at tricks- their clear support and success show all the way through this program. Afterschool| Parks Departments| Birthday  Parties| Private Lessons- share the word about this with your local School| Municipality| Mom’s Group. They’ve got classes going in Southern California and are expanding all over.