Very first post-ever…

This is your very first post…

That’s how the build your own website template starts. This is your very first post…

Ha- So easy.

“Just get it out!” my brain screams. “Just finish this post!!!”

Anyone that has put themselves out there for something they cared about knows my uncertainty. It’s just a blog post, get it out there; there are real humans in progress of doing amazingly beautiful things and if I could get past my own anxiety then I could get started.

Here we go…

are tying the knot!

I’ve written this first post what feels like a million ways. I’ve started with the WHY. With being truly deeply thankful to those that have supported this idea. I’ve had tears and realization that I’m not good enough to tell these great peoples stories. No matter of perfection I want, I never reach it, never have. Everything I do is a work in progress, sometimes never ending and so I try to give myself a break.

Don’t you think that’s true for all of us? Something we can all relate to?

For the most part, we each have the intention to get up the next day and do better than the last. Then sometime we don’t. Then we get up and do better again. Later we’re jerks lost in our own world.

I want to highlight those of us that DO.

Museum Of Ice Cream Los Angeles

Why do we talk about the non-sense when there are GOOD HUMANS out there in progress of doing beautifully giving, wonderful, courageous things? To me, they should be highlighted. They should be what we spend our time talking about, not the static that we each cut through with instant information. There are great people out there, giving themselves to doing better.

This is what I want to know about.

So, with your help- let’s highlight them here.


highlighting humans just trying to do a little good

dinah & randy

The GOOD HUMAN IN PROGRESS brainchild was created by the always original Winging-It TM mom boss over at weestructed TM.


Her original concept, RAISE GOOD HUMANS, was big to me.

What an idea! If we could raise our little ones to be GOOD HUMANS, how impactful could that be? Then, her youngest was wearing a raglan tee (meant for wee’ones) that rocked my world…



GOOD HUMAN IN PROGRESS. Wait, that was me! In Progress.

With no kids and a husband telling me to do whatever I wanted with my life, just be happy; I couldn’t find a path that satisfied my needs. Then, I saw this little guy, running around with the idea that he was a good human in progress and I thought, “Aren’t we all?”

No. We all aren’t.

mark your calendars

You can get lost in this life or you can know you are in progress. You can change your life and that of others. Maybe if we had been glorifying great actions by GOOD HUMANS for the last 50 years there would be a lot less a**holes out there. Maybe if we gave ourselves a break and celebrated doing better, rather than getting lost in the “it is, what it is”, we could be the example of Good Humans in Progress our little ones need. Is not the only way to RAISE GOOD HUMANS to set the example?

So, what do we do?

How’s this done?

Buy knowing about those that set the bar.
I’m getting to know those with-in our own community that go out there every day and try and do goodness. One of the goals is to learn about locals that remain true to their communities roots and help those around them. I’ve been shown that if you relate to the group on a local level, you want to help.

Submit Their Story

Here you will find stories of local groups submitted by the ones that love them most, YOU, the ones that follow them and get involved.

Do you have a GOOD HUMAN in Progress of doing great things you want to highlight? Submit them. We can’t highlight everyone but we’ll do our best with your help.

Do you want to hear about HUMANS doing good? SIGN UP to receive our post & what-not, maybe someone out there is doing what you love and you’ll want to be a part of it.

LIKE/FOLLOW/SHARE !! Highlighting GOOD HUMANS cannot succeed without YOU.

Thanks- I hope we have fun. There’s so much good out there, I can’t wait for us to know more!